Maxi Professional - Maxi Stick

Instant Hair Loss Concealer/Shader


Designed for both men and women suffering from thinning hair and alopecia.


New Innovative Concealer :- This innovative new hair loss concealer has been designed to eliminate the flaws of many other products on the market today. It comes in a handy easy to use stick application, a first for this kind of product. Maxi Stick is therefore both non messy and incredibly accurate so you can apply to exactly the right area whether this be the crown, sides or anywhere, not only does this avoid wastage and use of too much product but also means you get the perfect application each time every time.


Perfect application each time every time - Blendable and Natural - Trichologist Approved


Natural fullness :- Maxi Stick is perfectly blendable and very natural, just use the applicator provided or even your finger to blend in and shade perfectly and naturally concealing bald patches or thinning areas instantly before your eyes. Unbelievably quick and simple. Scalp show through and the contrast between thinning hair and scalp is eliminated instantly and your hair seemingly looks full again. Total confidence means you can go about your daily routine whether that be at work or gym or club. No need for extra sealing sprays like some other products.


Approved :- Endorsed and now recommended by our Trichologist and getting great reviews from customers.








Directions :- Simply wind up the stick and apply a small amount directly to the thin area or bald patch. Use your finger or the applicator provided to blend into the area concealing your scalp. Shampoo as normal to remove.

Maxi Stick Hair Loss Concealor
Maxi Stick Hair Loss Concealor
Maxi Stick Colour Chart
Maxi Stick Colour Chart
Trichologist Approved
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Testimonial :- Just a small selection of good reports we have for Maxi Stick


"Hi in February this year I got Alopecia. I was gutted as a lady certainly doesn't want to lose her hair. It steadily got worse starting from one little bald patch to several. I searched the internet for a cure but there isn't one.  I then searched for something to hide the bald spots. After trying many products which didn't work I tried Maxi Stick. They are wonderful, there is no mess when using it unlike with fibres and it covers the bald spots making them much less noticeable. Great product and I wouldn't be without it." Mary - Nth Ireland


"Very happy - Thankyou A++++" Ally


 "I use the product by drawing gently straight onto the scalp where I have some thinning and it looks noticeable. It darkens the scalp and is not at all noticeable but gives the effect of full hair and with that complete confidence. As you well know I have been using it for a long while and I am very happy with it. I can even swim or be out in the rain with no worry of it running. It simply washes out when I shower. " Alistair - Staffordshire


"Great item highly recommended many thanks" James -  Chester


"I find the product convenient to use with minimal mess. It works well as a base for other hair styling products. It is compact and easy to carry if travelling away from home. Very positive results I would recommend. " Richard - Derbyshire